Friday 1 December 2023
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3 Top SEO Mistakes Every Digital Marketer Must Avoid at all Costs

3 Top SEO Mistakes Every Digital Marketer Must Avoid at all Costs

Newbies to SEO always make mistakes because they aren’t well acquainted with the basic SEO practices. SEO is a fast paced and changing industry and the obsolete practices don’t work anymore. Hence, always stay up to date with the latest development of SEO by staying in touch with K2 SEO Grand Junction. This article enlists the most common SEO mistakes which should be avoided by all means.

  1. The page titles and descriptions are not unique

This is the biggest error to make in SEO. Bigshot search engines have given special emphasis on making these elements unique, but many fail to do so. The title acts as a very important signal. This is what the search engine and users go through first when understanding the subject of the page. When you don’t provide a meaningful title, it will lessen your chances of ranking high on Google and it also drives away the users from your web page. So, remember to have unique titles and not elongating the page titles to more than 65 characters in length.

  1. Not using keyword research tool

Many people believe it as cheating to use the keyword research tool before they create content. This is an utter myth and a huge SEO error as well. Keyword research tools give you an idea of what queries people look for in the Google search. When you include those keywords in your content, you render it more relevant to the users and for search engines to understand it well and rank you better.

  1. Not promoting your blog posts actively

Never believe that once you have written good quality content or if they share on social media, you are done. This will only happen when you build a decent audience. You need to promote your content in the beginning itself. It may call for a lot of effort, high quality content and persistence to share, but once you have established this strong base, then you are getting somewhere. There are a plethora of ways to promote your blog posts. You can publish them on your social media pages, share it with your users, make the most of the Facebook ads, write a summary and publish it on LinkedIn, send out in email, link it to your older posts and/or write a guest post, publish it on a reputed platform and link to your post.

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