Friday 1 December 2023
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5 Steps to Follow for Improving Your IT Service Desk

5 Steps to Follow for Improving Your IT Service Desk

This article highlights the top service desk priorities and the changes you can make to make your IT Help Desk Support. It also lists some of the tips to work on the same.

You need to focus on the following service desk priorities for improving the IT desk help support:

  1. Improving service desk performance
  2. Increasing business value
  3. Increasing first-time fix rates
  4. Using more automation
  5. Succeeding with self service.

Many companies do agree on not being satisfied with the ITSM tool, but they don’t seem to uninstall it. It could be because of the cost, migration effort, fear of change, politics or other factors.

Tips to improve your IT help desk support

  1. To begin, you need to determine what your company actually needs instead of following what the crowd is doing.

For example, self service may not be required or may not even work ever considering your company structure or culture. You may conduct all the surveys you want, but know that this may not have the exact answer to your question for your company.

  1. You also need to understand what customer experience really entails

You need to specifically focus on customer service, customer satisfaction and user experience.

  1. You also need to seek better outcomes instead of the blind adoption of the new processes or extra technology.

So, this should be more about you wanting to improve the service quality and speed instead of just installing a self service technology.

  1. You should learn to differentiate between the things that are already proven, by others, in order to make a difference, and particularly those that are just ‘good ideas’.

If you recall the push for implementation of social IT which happened a few years ago, it may still work for your company, but it may not take you as close as to its widespread adoption.

  1. You should keep in mind about what your service desk capability is required for.

ITIL interacts with people, process, product (or technology) and partners, but you also need the fifth P here and it stands for purpose. It would be all worth it if you revisit your service desk purpose and how well are you accomplishing it all before you change everything for the better.

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