Tuesday 28 November 2023
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How to Induce Loyalty Marketing in a Campaign?

How to Induce Loyalty Marketing in a Campaign?

Loyalty marketing

In India, when we think of butter, we think of Amul. When anyone wants to buy a phone, the prospect of buying an iPhone is always talked up. In Hindi cinema, there have been many great movies, but most people hark back to Sholay as being the best of all time.

What do all these examples have in common? Why’s Amul such a strong part of our cultural fabric even though there are other brands doing reasonably well? Why is an iPhone often a prime choice despite there being better phones in the market? Why do people still talk about Sholay when we have seen so many great films since its release?

All these examples have one thing in common – they are backed up by a loyal base of customers and fans. These people are not just customers, but also ambassadors for the brand. A marketing campaign is simplified to a large extent if the target audience feels a sense of loyalty towards the brand or product.

Since loyalty marketing is not exactly a technique, it is not a common topic in the syllabus of a digital marketing course. In this article, we discuss how loyalty marketing has to be imbibed in a campaign.

Content Quality

A common way to get the target audience to connect with a brand on a deeper level, brands can simply improve their approach to content. Whether it means creating more informative written content or making rich videos informing and engaging the target audience, all these things can in fact help improve a company’s efforts to induce loyalty marketing.

In the given day and age, video content can be especially effective to ensure loyalty marketing. Video marketing has morphed into a key digital marketing technique. If a company wishes to identify a segment of audience ripe to be converted into loyal customers, improving content quality is a definite technique.

Offer Incentives

The other obvious way to gain the loyalty of customers is by offering them incentives to buy or promote a product. Affiliate marketing can be seen as a more pragmatic version of loyalty marketing, driven solely by the presence of an incentive.

Schemes offering incentives such as discounts, cash-backs, gift coupons, and so on are some examples of how incentives work to induce loyalty marketing.

Interact with Customers

Another way to make loyalty marketing a part of the campaign is to interact with the target audience across all possible channels. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are perfect for interacting with potential customers. In fact, the target audience is much more likely to interact with brands and create a rapport if a conversation is more likely to happen.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways a brand can induce loyalty marketing in their campaign.

About the Author – Alok Singh is a content writer and digital marketer with years of experience in the field. His current role is that of a content executive at, better known for its digital marketing institute in Delhi.