Friday 21 June 2024
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What is an Auto Repair Management Software; 101 Explained

If you own an automotive shop, you already know the number of tasks you run daily. Some of these tasks are complex and require you to be there to physically handle them. Some of them you probably use software to do.

This is what is referred to as auto repair management software.

Tasks that can be completed with this software include simple data entry, reoccurring (daily, weekly, monthly) tasks, etc. They are the automated tools that make it easy and fast to do some tasks at the shop. It provides features that help enhance customer relations, customer service and experience, employee and client management, time managing, and more.

The Two Distinct Auto Repair Management Software Categories

There are two main categories of this software. They include;

  • Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software, also known as web-based software, is software that keeps all your data in cloud storage. This means there aren’t any hustles of downloading it to any other device. The best thing about this system is that you can access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

You need to have the internet and a technological device that supports the cloud-based service. This type of software doesn’t come completely free, though. You may need to pay a subscription fee every certain period, monthly or yearly.

However, you wouldn’t incur costs for updates, new features, technical fixes, or interface improvement. Once you pay your subscription, you will enjoy all the services cost-free.

  • On-Premise Software

As you probably already guessed, on-premise software is the opposite of cloud-based software in terms of functionality. This means your data isn’t stored in the cloud. You need to download software or an app on your working equipment.

It also means that you can only access it through the software or app, and not anywhere, anytime. For payments, you can find some basic free ones. However, you only get to pay a one-time fee to install the software on your device.

You are also likely to have to pay for any other software updates, added features, and improved interface as time goes by and the developers continue updating the software.

Common Auto Repair Management Software Features

While different software comes with different features, you will find some common features in most, if not every, software. They include;

  • Bay management and scheduling are used for adding and naming bays, assigning employees and tickets, viewing schedules, and more
  • Invoicing and Estimates are used to provide invoices and generate estimates for your client’s work
  • Labor rates and tracking are used to set billable rates
  • Appointment features are used to set appointments, edit them, and move them whenever necessary. It also allows customers to book and schedule their appointments and help employees get ready for them
  • Service reminders include auto-emails, text messages features, and notification icons

Advantages of Auto Repair Management Tools

Some advantages of this software include;

  • Automation features save time and improve employee productivity
  • You can generate any report you need fast and easy, including analytics, performance indicators, and more
  • Get a dashboard to have your shop overview at a glance
  • It is a flexible, secure, professional, and, most importantly, paperless shop management system
  • Automated reminders and notifications that improve your efficiency