Wednesday 29 November 2023
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All The Details About POS Singapore And Its Uses

All The Details About POS Singapore And Its Uses

POS means the point of sale. Point of sale is a place where a customer makes the payment of goods or services. This is also where the sales taxes might get payable. A Point Of Sale (POS) transaction occurs when a person makes an online payment or receives money online. It happens when the receipts are generated electronically.

The Different POS Systems in Singapore

  • Revel Systems

Revel Systems offers the best POS SG systems for quick service and food-oriented businesses.


  1. Availability of Free Demo
  2. Real-time Insights
  3. Technology can be customized.
  • TouchBistro

TouchBistro is the best POS system available in Singapore for restaurant owners due to its features, such as menu and table management.


  1. Menu and table management
  2. Self-ordering Kiosk
  3. iPad POS System
  • Shopify

Shopify is popular among retail owners because it promises all online and offline sales inventory.


  1. Customized Discount Codes
  2. Transfer Management and Inventory
  3. Compatible with existing hardware
  • ShopKeep

ShopKeep is another iPad POS System popular in Singapore because of its simple yet advanced features.



Employee time tracking

Customer data management

Built-in payment solutions

POS in Singapore has gained quite a popularity in its market. It has both its uses and disadvantages. The postal services are spread all over Singapore.